Pakistan’s ambulance service in numbers

Did you know Pakistan has the world's largest ambulance service?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pakistan might be a developing country but despite the lack of resources, citizens have been catering to humanitarian causes on their own.

While the state struggles to provide basic health care to the masses, a number of private organisations have built an impressive network of ambulance services. Edhi, Chippa, Aman Foundation and JDC are a few organisations among many that have taken upon themselves to help those in need.

Here, we trace two ambulance services in Pakistan through numbers:


is the ranking of Edhi Welfare Organisation given by the Guinness World Records for its phenomenal ambulance service


is the number of ambulances Edhi owns across the country


is the number of aircraft used by Edhi in the form of air ambulances


was the year Edhi started his organisation with just one ambulance


is the number of life-saving ambulances run by Aman Foundation in Pakistan


is the number of Emergency Medical Technicians who work as mobile nurses in these ambulances


is the average number of minutes it takes for Aman ambulances to reach the patient in need


is the number of babies delivered in Aman Ambulances

Source: Aman Foundation, Edhi


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