10 times Vidya Balan’s saree game was stronger than yours

The Kahaani star is all set to play the role of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi in upcoming web series

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the strongest female actors Bollywood has to offer. She has proved her merit time and again by taking up challenging roles such as that of Silk in The Dirty Picture and Vidya Bagchi in Kahaani. Now she is all set to play former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi in an upcoming web series, reported The Indian Express.

But before we come to terms with that, we can’t get over her saree looks that she so gracefully flaunts. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

1. How pretty is this ivory silk saree

No. Seriously, how pretty is this?!

2. Can’t get over this one

And apparently neither can the guy at the back.

3. Who needs this black jaamdani linen saree in their life?


4. This is beautiful!

And breathtaking.

5. Black and gold all the way!


6. The colours of this one are gorgeous!

Can’t tell what she’s saying. Don’t care.

Bus yeh saree humain dedeyyyy, Vidya!



8. This would be perfect for brunch 

Not that anyone’s calling us. Or that we even own this saree

9. She found this at a flea market in Pondicherry 

But why are we so shocked? Not like we can afford to go to Pondicherry

10. We’ll just leave you with this showstopper 

Cause why not?

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