Video shows Reham Khan being harassed during interview

Woman behind the camera repeatedly asks Reham why she's jealous of Imran Khan's current wife

By Alice Peter-Bhagtaney

KARACHI: A video clip showing journalist and Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan being aggressively questioned (read: harassed), by the person behind the camera, is making the rounds on social media. The video shows Reham in the middle of filming in Kent, UK, when she interrupted with a barrage of questions and moral policing. The woman behind the camera, whose identity has not been disclosed, repeatedly asks Reham why she’s jealous of prime minister to be’s current wife, Bushra Maneka, and refuses to let her answer.

Reham remained quite calm and kept her cool while the woman behind the camera continued to spew hate at her.

In fact, at first, she even tried to answer her questions and reason with her. When she couldn’t deal with it anymore – which is still quite a dignified reaction because it were me in her situation, I would’ve lost my shit tbh – she politely said: Allah apko hidayat de (May God give you guidance).

But the woman just went on and on.

Now here’s the thing: you may dislike Reham, you may disagree with her politics and her decision to publish a tell all book about her ex-husband, but that still doesn’t make what’s happening in this video, which can be amounted to harassment, okay.

Ambushing a person, filming them, openly insulting them like this is just wrong. Especially if they’re speaking to you in a kind manner.

In recent months, Reham has garnered a lot of criticism from the country’s intelligentsia for her tell-all memoir. But even those who called her out on it have come out in her defense over the harassment she faced.

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