4 thoughts you absolutely should not have during sex

Unless you want to stop having sex. Forever.

KARACHI: For starters if during sex you’re thinking about anything but then you’ve got a problem my friend. But before we get too judgmental, let’s not ignore the fact that the human mind is complicated and sometimes you can’t control where your thoughts wander off to. Yes, even while you’re having sex.

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Even then, the following things are a no-go area no matter what:

1. Who to vote for

No matter how boring the sex is, do not think about the upcoming elections at all costs unless of course you’re into this sort of thing.

2. Kaali Daal

Reham Khan has conveniently ruined that one for all daal lovers.

3. Devaluing of rupee

Trust me the drop in our currency can cause other things to drop too. And you don’t want that.

4. Imran Khan as the next prime minister 

His constant references of the umpire’s ungli makes for good dirty talk outside the bedroom. Leave it there.

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