How to kill time if you’re 5 hours early at the airport

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KARACHI: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) announced on Thursday via Twitter that passengers are requested to arrive five hours in advance for their international flights. Now we know you should be there three hours earlier or two if you’re the risky sort, but five is just pushing it. We’re sure that the airline’s tweet left a lot of people baffled, which is why it’s no longer on their timeline. But we couldn’t help but wonder, what can you really do for five hours at the airport?

1. Make a list of everything that’s wrong with PIA and how you can help them improve.

2. Help passengers take their luggage off the carousel. I am sure there are plenty of people who’d like some help.

3. Check with the immigration counter if they need help with stamping the passports.

4. Also, max out your credit card on the fancy shops around the terminal. The airport is cool, new and improved, after all.

5. We’re desi and we can’t help but stare sometimes. If you’ve exhausted all options off your list, just eavesdrop on people and see what they’re doing. It’ll sure give you some ideas.

6. Get creative. Find yourself some job opportunities. After all, who wouldn’t want such a spectacular workplace?

7. You have five hours to reconsider whether you want to fly PIA or not. You never know the pilot’s degree might be fake.

8. We hope that it’s time for your flight now. Time to seek blessings and leave.

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