How to survive load shedding

Nobody is safe but here’s how you can make your suffering slightly better

KARACHI: As if Karachi’s scorching heat and humidity isn’t enough, we have to suffer through load shedding. But fear no more for we have conceived, what are arguably, the best survival tactics to get through load shedding. Because nothing can break us. Cue music: Hum bhi hain josh main, load shedding kar soch ke, yun na light bhuja…

1. Keep your electronics charged at all times

Don’t wait. Don’t laze around. You never know when it might happen. So while you’ve got electricity, be very proactive because your electronics will be your best friends when that dreadful time comes.

2. Stock up on candles 

Make the best out of the situation, have a candlelit dinner and a candlelit bath and so on and so forth.

3. No shame in some fahashi 

Dress like a minimalist. We mean literally.

4. Keep the ice cubes prepared 

They’ll be that “chill pill” you’ve been looking for.

5. Be open to making new friends 

When all else fails, that is


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