Sexual innuendos in cartoons you probably missed!

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Growing up, watching cartoons was a real treat. But as kids, what we didn’t know is that the creators of our favorite cartoons took some liberties in adding certain jokes that went over our heads simply because they were never really meant for us. As adults, if you revisit some of your favorite cartoons you’ll be shocked to learn the sexual innuendos present! Some will make you laugh and some will leave you shocked!

The Powerpuff Girls’ accident

On the less explicit side of sexual innuendos in cartoons is The Powerpuff Girls. In one episode, the girls have a new neighbor. When Bubbles explains to her new friends how the Professor created the girls by accident, the young girl quips in that she, too, was an accident, much to the shock of the Professor!

Grandpa’s after hours movies

As kids, we all loved Rugrats. As adults, between the insane theories about the show and the hidden adult jokes, it’s really hard to look at the cartoon the same way again. In one particular episode, Grandpa is left in charge of watching over Tommy and Chuckie. He decides to rent out movies for the kids featuring their favrorite dinosaur. But that’s not all he rents. Turns out, Grandpa planned on keeping “Lonely Space Vixens” some company after the kids were asleep. We really did not need to know what GrandPa was up to in his private time!

SpongeBob caught red-handed

Turns out, even sponges have some naughty habits. In some episode of SpongeBob Square Pants, it is heavily implied that Gary catches SpongeBob watching some naught scenes on TV!

Don’t bother Timmy

We’d be concerned about what Timmy was up to in his room if we were his parents too!

Rocko’s new job

This cartoon was in no way subtle about Rockp’s job as a sex line operator and makes us wonder how it even managed to make it on air! 

Don’t do that to Prince!

We can’t help but wonder how Animaniacs counted as a kid’s cartoon when it was laden with so many sexual innuendos, some of which weren’t even subtle. To be fair, kids probably didn’t understand this joke but as adults, we are definitely scandalized!

We’re not sure whether we should laugh or be scandalized!

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