Easter Eggs in Miley Cyrus’ Flowers

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHII: Celebrity feuds are always entertaining but when it involves a scorned ex hitting back at their partner, things get intense. And intense is exactly the word we would use to describe the new Miley Cyrus song ‘Flowers’ which is all but a diss track aimed at her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. In case you missed the Easter Eggs hidden in the song, here is the run down.

The release date

Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to taking digs at your ex and so, it’s hard to ignore the importance of the release date of Flowers. The song was released on January 13 which also happens to be Liam Hemsworth’s birthday!

The chorus

A well known fact is that the former couple had danced to Bruno Mars' song “When I was your man” at their wedding. Fast forward a few years later and it seems like Flowers is a response to the song. Mars sung, “I should have bought you flowers and held your hand. Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance. Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance. Now my baby’s dancing but she’s dancing with another man.”

Whereas Cyrus sings about not needing a man to do all those things for her, “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand. Talk to myself for hours, say things you don’t understand. I can take myself dancing and I can hold my own hand. Yeah, I can love me better than you can.”

The burnt house reference

Cyrus and Hemsworth had lost their house to the California fire in 2018. The tragedy seems to have made its way into the lyrics of ‘Flowers’ when Miley sings, “We were right ’til we weren’t. Built a home and watched it burn.”

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The gold dress

While it was never confirmed whether Hemsworth cheated on Cyrus, it seems as though his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence let it slip that the two shared a kiss off-screen. And it seems as though the gold dress Cryus wears in ‘Flowers’ is a direct nod at Lawrence who she wore a similar dress on the red carpet.

The black suit

Miley Cyrus has always been known to have a spunk and wasn’t one to be held back from expressing herself. And so, when a clip resurfaced on the singer being herself much to the embarrassment of her then husband, fans were livid. And they were very happy to see Miley reclaiming the same suit she wore when her husband told her off in front of the cameras.

Needless to say, it’s going to take a lot to convince us that Miley Cyrus did not release ‘Flowers’ as a diss track!

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