5 signs you’re officially an adult

Age is just a number and even if you relate to just one of these signs, you're well on your way into adulthood.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: There comes a point in life when you slowly transition into adulthood. It doesn’t happen when you turn 18, that’s just a myth. The actual transition is slower and more gradual and the realization slowly creeps in on you. In case you were expecting signs that would signal your transition into becoming an adult, here are 5 of the most obvious signs that you might have missed!

1. Weekends have a whole different meaning:

There used to be a time when you would look forward to the weekend. Fridays marked three days of partying it out with friends, late nights and a whole lot of fun. But now as an adult, weekends have a whole different meaning. Friday night marks the start of your retreat into isolation where the last thing you want to do is interact with people. You will use any and all excuses not to socialize.

And if by chance you do end up on a night out, you only look forward to going home. Getting out of your pajamas drains you and you’re tired before the night began.

2. Thinking twice before shopping:

If there is one telltale sign that you’re an adult, it is when you have to think twice before you decide to splurge on shopping. Long gone are the day when the price tag didn’t matter since your parents were the ones paying. Now spending money hurts because it’s your hard earned money. You spend days mulling over whether you really need that item in your cart, you look for cheaper alternatives and you stare at your bank balance hoping it’ll tell you what you need to do.

3. When you find joy in the smallest things:

Have you ever felt joy about using a new bedsheet? Does the wide selection of laundry products excite you? Does opening a new dishwashing sponge give you a sense of satisfaction? If the answer is yes, you’ve successfully made your transition into adulthood!

4. You don’t recognize the songs on the studio:

If there is one thing that will make you feel old is when you turn on the radio and you have absolutely no idea who’s singing. No matter what station you turn on and no matter what playlist you use, you can’t recognize the names. And the new music sounds terrible compared to the stuff you listen to.

Songs that turned decade-old this year

5. You start comparing your childhood to the new generations:

The final nail in the coffin or the final sign of being an adult is when you find yourself telling the younger generation that that’s not how it was done when you were their age. It slips out unknowingly and when you realize what you’re saying, the shock is insane!

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