Things that were a part of every 90s’ kid’s childhood

If you're a 90s kid you can definitely relate these things to your childhood.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: For all 90s kids out there, there are certain things that were an integral part of their childhood. These things were universal and are a part of every kid’s childhood. From the games we played to the snacks we ate, to the stationary we took to school, everyone remembers them. So today we’re taking a trip down memory lane from the 90s!

1. The struggle with dial up internet

While us 90s’ kids might be able to enjoy fast speed internet with Wi-Fi and 4G, there was a time in our lives when using the internet was a struggle. Long before wireless internet there was dial up internet connections. One could either use the landline or could use the internet. After the struggle of informing everyone that the phone was off limits for a while and the struggle of actually connecting to the internet, one could only pray that their mothers didn’t need to have an urgent gossip session with their aunts which meant internet time was up!

2. Playing Counter-strike

Long before we had games such as Call of Duty, the real OG was Counter-Strike. The game was far from fancy, the graphics were pretty basic and finding a server was a a real pain. But nothing would beat the thrill when it came to choosing which side to be on, which map to play and the intense pressure of disarming/protecting the bomb.

3. Trying to master Super Mario Bros

Long before Fortnite came into existence, nearly every 90s’ kid had played Super Mario Bros. Perhaps one of the most basic games with its pixelated images, it had us hooked. Collecting coins, avoiding evil mushrooms and those green tunnels were a major part of every 90s’ kid’s childhood!

4. Drinking cold drinks from plastic bags

Surprising as it may be, there was a time kids were allowed to drink soft drinks back in school. Initially we would get them in tiny Pepsi plastic cups but for some reason we ended up transitioning to drinking them straight out of plastic bags.

5. The B.P Bunty eye masks

One of the ultimate treats a 90s’ kid could ask for came in just 2 Rupees. The treat was multi-functional: you could eat it or you could wear it or you could eat it while wearing it. We’re talking about nothing other than the B.P Bunty masks. Here’s a clip from the infamous ad that we all loved to watch:

Five most popular 90s’ trends we’re happy to revive

6. The stationary must-have

If there was one piece of stationary that every kid had to take to school, it had to be the pop up pencil. The pencil came in numerous parts and every time the point went blunt, we’d push it out from the bottom and a new point would come up. But the pencil also came with its struggles. Lose one part and the pencil would go to waste and your parents would refuse to buy a new one!

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