The ultimate monsoon playlist

Here are some music tracks to turn Karachi's rain into a whole vibe

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Rain in Karachi is mostly remembered for the catastrophes it unleashes upon people. From flooded houses from 2020 spells of monsoon, till load shedding, mosquitoes, flies. However, until our rain keeps its cool and doesn’t go completely armageddon mode on the citizens, monsoon can be a vibe worth enjoying. It is calm, slow, yet romantic. So here are some songs that you can include in a separate monsoon playlist for yourself for the upcoming days where we are likely to witness more rain in Karachi.

‘Comfortably Numb’

The gurus of psychedelic rock have curated a masterpiece for generations to come. From their 20 October 1994 concert at Earls Court, London, England in The Division Bell Tour, the pulse version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ is an heirloom passed on from one generation of good music listeners to another.


Looking for laidback, soft rock music? ‘Ophelia’ by The Lumineers is definitely bound to calm the storm inside you and soothe you with its soft strums and piano percussions.

‘Carry On’

Upbeat, fun, and uplifting – ‘Carry On’ by Fun is just the song you need in your monsoon list to get your feet dancing in the rain. The melody signature to Fun’s other works and the percussion that sets their music apart is not only a different take on monsoon music but also on music in general.

‘Hotel California’

Let the entire enigma of a shadowy rain and pour set in with this one. ‘Hotel California’ by Eagles is a go-to song for anyone who enjoys long drives in the rain or likes to quietly sip on a steaming cup of tea as they watch rain droplets dripping down their window, which leads to a refracted vision of what’s out of the window into unique silhouettes. The song is for anyone who likes to savor the moment and take it all in.

‘Careless Whisper’

A little something for the couples out there sitting on the same couch and calling it a night in as they share their blanket watching a good ol’ movie on Netflix they’ve watched at least thrice before. But even the two halves of one whole away from one another missing one another at this point of the season. It is for anyone who wishes to slow dance in the rain with their partner.

Monsoon can be a time to allow yourself that you had been wanting to have for so long, and with the right playlist, you could make it a much more special time of the year than it is! Enjoy the current rain season in Karachi, you all!

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