Kareena Kapoor Khan turns producer for Ekta Kapoor’s next

Ekta Kapoor shared that how being a producer isn't and should not be limited to men.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Bollywood film producer Ekta Kapoor took to Instagram to share some exciting news with her fans. She announced that Kareena Kapoor Khan would be joining her on the set of her new film, but not as an actor rather as a producer. “It’s with immense happiness, pride & excitement that I’d like to welcome @kareenakapoorkhan onboard as a producer for our next,” she wrote.

Ekta Kapoor went on to mention, “Kareena has been an actor with a huge, admirable (almost envious) body of work.” However, while she remained rooted in her role as an actor, “Her male co-stars turned producers in due course.” She detailed how women in the field have had to face challenges in venturing out into different roles especially as producers because. “The notion of a ‘producer’ back then was strongly associated only with a man.” She opened up about her struggles to make a place for herself and recalled how, “28 years ago, when my mum and I started our production house, everyone thought my dad was ‘The Producer’ and that we worked for him.”


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However, with Kareen Kapoor Khan finally joining the bandwagon as producer for the new film, Ekta Kapoor is happy to see how things in the Bollywood media industry are changing and penned down her feelings. “Decades later, people have finally gotten around to accepting that a ‘producer’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘male’! It’s been a hard journey, but an encouraging & happy one!”

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Ekta Kapoor also took the opportunity to talk about female empowerment in the industry and highlighted how, “Women have an equal part or play in the business and success of a film. With women front lining big-ticket films, it’s only right that they get a piece of the pie like their male counterparts.”

She ended her post welcoming Kareena Kapoor on board for the new film on a happy note, “I’m so glad that today, we can empower each other like this!” She also expressed her desire to see more women join in the ranks, “May we have more of her in our tribe!”

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