SOC Films releases ‘Coronavirus and Mental Health’

The animated short film is the second from the 'Siyani Sahelian' series and highlights the impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health

KARACHI: SOC Films is known for tackling important topics through documentaries and movies. The latest animated release by SOC Films, Coronavirus and Mental Health, is the second in the ‘Siyani Sahelian’ short film series, which is a collaborative program with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi.

The second animated film has been scripted by Safyah Usmani with animation by Kulsum Ibrahim, sound by Sameer Khan, editing by Sourath Behan and voiceovers by Rabia Kiran Rajput, Mariam Rizvi and Ali Akbar.

Coronavirus and Mental Health is narrated by Asghari, the main character, who speaks directly to the audience. Like many others, Asghari’s mother is worried about what society would say about them not hosting a dinner for Eid, and avoiding social gatherings. Living in a collectivist society, we are often worried about coming off as rude when practising social distancing. Coronavirus also led to many people losing their jobs, feeling trapped inside their homes or generally feeling anxious or stressed.

Keeping in mind these concerns, the short film by SOC Films suggests ways to keep our mental health in check. The animated film also challenges myths regarding particular food items preventing COVID-19. While this is not true, consuming Vitamin C through lemons, oranges, tomatoes and other vegetables can help build immunity. Egg yolk, fish, and milk can also be a source of Vitamin D.

In order to strengthen one’s mental health, following a routine might help. Even if schools or offices are off, it is always good to plan one’s day ahead and have something to look forward to instead of sitting idle. Asghari also urges her listeners to not be overinformed and only consume news when they need to. Myths and rumours about COVID-19 can only worsen one’s mental state.


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While it is advised to stay home as much as possible, going out for a walk or indulging in your favourite hobbies such as exercise, reading, or cooking is always an option. If any of these require you to be in open air, simply wear a mask and maintain distance from other people.

Sleeping on time and for atleast 8 hours a day while drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water also helps one stay calm, rested and hydrated. Talking to friends and family and staying connected over the internet can also help lighten one’s mood, given that the conversations are not triggering or cause more stress.

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