Twitter cannot keep calm over Jalebi Baby’s music video

Bhangra, actual jalebi and desi wedding wear is all it takes to get the whole subcontinent dancing to Jason Derulo x Tesher's Jalebi Baby

KARACHI: Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with Jalebi Baby. The song is one of its kind to get parties started. It is upbeat and incorporates Punjabi music alongside hip-hop, rap and electronic to set the mood, kicking start your body and getting everyone at least tapping their feet.

The latest music video for the song features Jason Derulo and Tesher as two chefs who are trying to woo a girl waiting for her order. Guess what the order is for? Jalebi, of course. The two fight over who gets to serve her, and the dance sequence that ensues is both of them first imagining their own selves alongside the girl, dancing to the beats, and towards the end of the song, together, when the final bhangra showdown happens.

Just like the song, the team that stands behind the camera in the making of Jalebi Baby is also a mix-plate of ethnicities and identities. Shweta Subram & Neha Sharma are the vocalists behind the chorus. The sound engineer for the song is Ben Hogarth. Gil Green serves as the director, while the DOP of the video is Maz Makhani. Andrea Saavedra is the producer, while the production manager is Nataly Arroyo. The set and the production design have been managed by Rashi Jain. Jeremy Kenyel Strong & Divya Jethwani have done the choreography for the music video. Lastly, wardrobe stylist Saloni Mahajan has incorporated designer wear from KYNAH & holiCHIC by Megha.

Ever since the release of the song, Twitter has been excited and here for the show!

Someone has even named their dog Jalebi Baby.

Others have lauded the product placement within the music video.

Others have their moms obsessing over Jason Derulo and Jalebi Baby.

The dress inspirations are dawning upon people as well.

Meanwhile, others, including Team Cutacut, are getting their groove on!

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