Judge Brenda Penny rejects Britney Spears’ appeal to remove her father as conservator

Britney Spears has to file an official petition for the termination of her conservatorship before the court can proceed

KARACHI: Seems like Britney Spears is not getting out of her conservatorship anytime soon. Recently, in a court hearing, she revealed how her life has been, putting forward some of the most shocking details that further fueled the #FreeBritney movement. Speaking to the court, the Toxic singer accused her father of controlling her a “100,000%”. However, as the courts may have it, Britney Spears has been denied from getting out of her father’s conservatorship.

According to her testimony, Britney Spears has been denied having her IUD removed, so she can have children, as well as marriage to her boyfriend.


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On the other hand, Jamie Spears’ lawyers have denied accusations pertaining to the restrictions he allegedly has imposed on his daughter’s private life, reported BBCJamie Spears has looked after her estate for thirteen years and has not been in charge of his daughter’s personal affairs after stepping down from the job in 2019, September, citing poor health. However, Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s caregiver temporarily replaced Jamie for the job.

On Tuesday, 29th June, Jamie Spears’ lawyers requested an inquiry into the testimony made by Britney Spears. In a court filing they wrote, “Either the allegations will be shown to be true, in which case corrective action must be taken, or they will be shown to be false, in which case the conservatorship can continue its course.” They also added, “It is not acceptable for Conservators or the Court to do nothing in response to Ms. Spears’ testimony.”

They also stated that Mr. Spears has no intention of returning as the singer’s personal conservator but is “concerned” for his daughter’s well-being. They said, “Mr. Spears is unable to hear and address his daughter’s concerns directly because he has been cut off from communicating with her”.

“I just want my life back,” she said, via phone, as she asked the court to end her conservatorship.

The decision of the court came because the judge cannot make a ruling based on Britney Spears’ testimony unless the singer files a formal petition looking to terminate the conservatorship.

The documents that were filed on Wednesday pertain to the request put in November, in which Britney Spears had requested the court to make Bessemer Trust her “sole conservator.” While Judge Brenda Penny refused to put Britney Spears out of her father’s conservatorship, Bessemer Trust was made co-conservator of the estate alongside the singer’s father.

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