Atif Aslam gears up for a socially distant concert in Karachi

Concerts seem to be making a comeback following the pace of our new normal as Atif Aslam prepares for a socially distant gig on the 13th of March

KARACHI: Looks like concerts are not yet a thing of the past. Immediately at the breakout of Coronavirus, the world decided to stay indoors to ensure safety. However, we might not have to fully compromise on the good things in life as concerts are now making a comeback. Recently, Asim Azhar held a concert at Port Grand, and since yesterday, announcements regarding Atif Aslam hitting back the stage are making rounds on social media.


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Bookitnow – Pakistan’s go-to ticketing portal for concerts and gigs, took to their Instagram to announce an upcoming concert, where we get to see Atif Aslam live, performing his greatest hits.

“Proudly Announcing Pakistan’s First Concert with *Social Distancing* Biggest Musical Eve Season II Featuring Atif Aslam, Vahaj Hanif & RAETH MUSIC on 13th of March 2021 at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park Clifton Karachi.”

“So hurry up guys and book your ticket now by following the link below,” the caption says before attaching contact details for booking purposes. We have yet to see just how socially distant the concert will be, but considering the prices ranging up to PKR 10k, one can be sure at least the front row will easily maintain social distancing. The venue of the concert is Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park, in Clifton, Karachi and the concert date announced is March 13, 2021. The concert will commence around 6 pm, opening the stage to various vocalists before Atif Aslam takes over.

The Bol star recently released his track ‘Raat’, accompanied with a star-studded music video. The song is a mellow expression of his music through an acoustic guitar as Aslam gently tunes into the notes with a soft voice. The song has been composed by Atif Aslam and written by Munir Niazi and Aslam. Stars like Mansha Pasha, Khalid Malik, Syra Yousuf, Gohar Rasheed, and Kiran Malik make an appearance in the official video as well. In the video we see Aslam living a number of lives as an individual while he courses through the night, hoping it remains uneventful.

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