5 items to shop from local brands

From jewellery to jeans, you can find your everyday essentials at small local businesses that fit your budget

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: If you are anything like me, you probably love to shop. But that hobby can often be heavy on the pocket. However, retail therapy does not always have to cost you a kidney. An affordable option is to shop from small local businesses and support your fellow Pakistanis while doing what you love.

While the world of online shopping can sometimes be overwhelming, here are a few items that you can get to fit your budget and your style!


Jeans are as versatile as a piece of clothing can be. You can wear them to work, to the mall, or when a few friends come over. However, finding the right pair can be a difficult task. Good thing local brands have started to work on good quality jeans which are easy on the pocket and come in multiple sizes and shades!

T-shirts and hoodies

Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Local brands have a huge variety for you to choose from, ranging from plain tees that you can wear at home to graphic tops that are more pleasing to the eye.

With the winter season coming up, shopping for jackets and sweaters might be a good idea. But we all know that Karachi and winter do not go along well so comfort should be your highest priority instead of the thickness of the material. Local brands like Bandana offer a variety of casual winter wear for both, male and female, and are super reasonable as well.


Whether you are a fan of statement pieces which go with multiple outfits, or more traditional jewellery items, local business like Noho, Ins and Outs, The Kuku Store and Kya Fine Jewels are some of your options for budget-friendly accessories.


Finding decent footwear is never easy, specially for females. If you are not entirely comfortable with heels then flats and khussas might be a good fit for you, but high street local brands tend to charge a fortune for those. Good thing we have loads of small business to shop from which offer everything from the basics to unique handcrafted pieces with great attention to detail.

Skincare products

A huge part of feeling and looking good has to do with how well you look after your skin. Even if you are not a fan of dressing up or splurging on clothes and accessories, your skin deserves to be pampered. Lots of local brands have introduced organic skincare products that are light on your skin and the pocket. Ranging from lip scrubs to face masks and cleansers, pick your favourites and have a little spa moment with yourself!

Once you have shopped your local favourites, the only thing left to do is style them in a way that suits your personality and taste!

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