5 Justin Bieber songs that we all pretended to hate

Now that a lot of people have begun to appreciate JB's music, let us look back at the songs we pretended to hate but knew all the lyrics to

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber and his songs. A Belieber, if you must. I listened to his songs on repeat to the point where even my elder brother knew some of his songs by heart. Fast forward ten years and apparently everyone appreciates Justin Bieber’s music now. People think he has matured over the years and his voice sounds more ‘masculine’ as well. Only today, Justin Bieber released his song Holy and has been trending already.

While people appreciate Bieber’s new song, let us look back at the songs that so many people pretended to hate, but sang along to each time.

1. Baby

Of course this had to be on the top of the list. 10 years ago, everyone was talking about this song. Admit it, whether you hated or loved this song, you still know the lyrics to Baby! Does anyone care now if the girl in the song was taller than Bieber or that his hair sat rather too perfectly on his forehead? Absolutely not.

2. One Less Lonely Girl

You can pretend to hate Justin Bieber’s songs all you want but let’s not pretend like every girl did not imagine herself up on stage with him at least once. The signature One Less Lonely Girl concert performance where Bieber asked a few girls to join him on stage was a dream come true for many.

3. Never Say Never

You’ve seen the movie and you know the song! Why hide it? The song featuring Jaden Smith who also stars in the movie Karate Kid, has a catchy tune, a message behind it and good footwork by the two boys. Not to forget the witty wordplay by Smith saying ‘I was raised by the power of Will’!

4. Eeni Meenie

Yeah okay, ‘she’s indecisive, she can’t decide’ are not the best lyrics for a song out there but does it mean that we do not sing along to it? Of course we do.

5. Somebody to Love

How many 16-year-olds have had a chance to work with Usher? Not many. And what was so wrong with Justin Bieber saying ‘we all need somebody to love’ anyway? Most of us know better than to disagree with that statement now.

So…is it too late for us to now say Sorry to Justin Bieber and his songs?

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