Sadak 2 trailer is the most disliked YouTube video in India

The video got 11 million dislikes with fans claiming that the upcoming Mahesh Bhatt directorial is nepotistic

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Sadak 2 released its trailer on YouTube on August 12th, 2020. The video has had more than 56 million views and 11 million dislikes.

The project, according to a number of viewers is a showcase of nepotism.

The high number of dislikes showcase a different dynamic than what is seen mostly; for the first time, audiences have made a case against nepotism, proving that they will not encourage this anymore.

Another reason for the video getting so many dislikes is Kangana Ranaut. The Queen star tweeted the following status, which not only took a rather controversial turn, but also caused more religious sentiments being revoked in her fans. This, in turn, led to more dislikes on the video.

Her fans had another reason to boycott the film: Their religious sentiments have been hurt.

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However, some were quick to call her out for not really appreciating or acknowledging films made by outsiders, and focusing all her attention on simply calling out films with nepotism.

Her tweets nowadays set a dangerous precedent of dragging Muslims and Pakistan into every argument, something that stars on this side of the border have noticed too.

India is currently mourning the loss of Sushant Singh Rajput, who was allegedly cast out of the usual celebrity circle of Bollywood for not coming from a place of connections. According to many, including Ranaut, Sushant Singh was bullied as well.

Kangana also commented on her treatment by Mahesh Bhatt when she was a newcomer, strengthening his image as a hostile force to outsiders in Bollywood. This further angered her fans to stand against Mahesh Bhatt.

It is no surprise people are now calling out Sadak 2, produced by Mukesh Bhatt, directed by Mahesh Bhatt, casting Alia Bhatt as its female lead. Also, the original Sadak featured Pooja Butt.

With 11 million dislikes till now, the trailer is now the third most disliked video in the world, following 11.6 million dislikes for Justin Bieber’s Baby in 2010 and the 18.2 million dislikes for the video (rewind of the year 2018) posted by YouTube itself.

The film’s release is announced for August 28.

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