Nescafe Basement’s Bol Hu leaves Sonu Nigam in tears

The Indian artist dedicated his latest Vlog to a song by Soch the band ft. Hadiya Hashmi, calls it 'an exemplary masterpiece'

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Nescafe Basement is known for introducing new talent from Pakistan, specially in the form of young underground artists. Season 5 of the show, however, had a very special surprise for its audience with performances by children. From the cover of Pyar Diya Gallan by an all kids band, to the vocals of Hadiya Hashmi in Soch’s Bol Hu, the songs were definitely a treat to listen to.

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Indian singer Sonu Nigam might have been a year late to fully appreciate the beauty of Bol Hu but his reaction is definitely very sweet. The artist took to his Youtube channel and dedicate a vlog to appreciating the song and the talent of the team behind it, calling it ‘an exemplary masterpiece’.

Though he had heard the song before, Nigam shared that he only fully paid attention to it recently and was left in tears. Anyone who has heard the song can understand where Nigam is coming from. The original by Soch the Band leaves its listeners with goosebumps, specially once Hadiya Hashim takes lead.

Then 8 years old, Hashmi caught the attention of many with her powerful vocals. The daughter of a tailour, Hashmi was trained by a man named Zia-ul-Haq who gives free music lessons to kids. Hashmi was then discovered by Xulfi who, too, was left in tears the first time he heard the young singer’s voice.

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Syeda Hadiya Hashmi | Artist Story | NESCAFÉ Basement Season 5

Meet Hadiya, an 8 year old, gifted with the powerful voice. She has performed alongside Soch the band to create a deep & thoughtful narrative which takes the soulfulness of our Sufi roots to another level. #JaagnaTohParega #NESCAFÉBasement5

Posted by NESCAFÉ Basement on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Xulfi, who produced the music for Bol Hu, then uploaded a video on his Facebook profile in response to Sonu Nigam’s reaction, thanking him for appreciating the talent that these young artists possess and encouraging them to pursue their passion.

From an artist to an artist. Dil se.Thank you Sonu Nigam from me and my team of artists. Your reaction has made a difference. A difference that will matter.

Posted by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan on Monday, August 10, 2020

To be as talented as the artists on Nescafe Basement and to then be encouraged by talented individuals like Sonu Nigam is definitely a combination that any emerging singer or musician would like to possess and the team behind Bol Hu definitely owns both.


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