4 everyday items that are secretly harming your skin

You are just a few steps away from flawless skin

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Clear skin is every person’s dream yet few get to live it. While quarantine may have convinced more and more of us to pay attention to our skincare routines, a few everyday items continue to make one’s acne-prone skin worse.

1. Face masks
While face masks are part of many people’s skincare routines, the version of face masks that COVID-19 introduced has slightly different effects on the skin. Maskne is the term being used to describe the redness, irritation or acne that is caused by the trapped breath and moisture under the mask. “The constant rubbing of a mask on oily, sensitive skin, can cause more acne breakouts,” said Dr Yoram Harth, a US board-certified dermatologist and medical director of MDacne, in conversation with Tatler Hong Kong. “The friction of the cloth of the mask on the skin damages the outer protective layer of the skin and makes it more sensitive, causing more oil gland clogging and more acne.”

2. Dirty pillows
That’s right, your skin could be at risk of further damage even when you are simply sleeping.  “Every night when you sleep, dirt, and oil are transferred from your skin to your sheets,” Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, told SELF. “When you move around in your sleep, you create friction, and if your pillowcase is dirty, it can cause a breakout if you’re predisposed to acne.” Now might be a good time to start changing your bedding regularly.

3. Cell phones
Not a lot of us like to hear it but our mobile phones do contain dangerously high amounts of bacteria. Remember all the times you kept your mobile on a dirty table, or simply let it fall on the floor? Disinfecting your phone at least once a week might be a good idea.

4. Towel
Towels may seem to be clean on the surface but they act as breeding ground for bacteria and contain dirt. Try to use a fresh towel every time you need to dry your face and pat gently to minimize acne and irritation.


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