Riz Ahmed and Jay Sean just collaborated on a new track

And they shot the video on their phones because...corona

KARACHI: The pandemic isn’t just affecting the way we live our lives but also the way we produce and consume art, as is evident from British artists Riz Ahmed and Jay Sean’s latest musical collaboration.

Ahmed just debuted his new song, Any Day from his solo debut album The Long Goodbye and the track features Jay Sean, who has given several hits over the years, the most famous being Down.

The duo debuted the music video on The Ellen Show and while the song is really catchy and addictive, it’s the music video we enjoyed watching. Shot on their phones, the video is a reminder of how things are now, where artists cannot shoot big budget videos, or even make contact with other people. Everyone in the video is in isolation and has shot the video in the comfort of their rooms and homes.

Watch the full video below:

The British rapper shared the live version of the song on Instagram.

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