This year’s Lahore Music Meet has a kickass line-up

Shamoon Ismail, Ali Noor and Mekaal Hasan Band are just some of the names performing

By Manal Faheem Khan

KARACHI: One of the biggest music events of the country is taking place next month. The fifth edition of the annual Lahore Music Meet is scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of February and as usual, it’s all set to be one of the biggest and most authentic and unbranded musical experience our country has to offer. In a sea of corporate shows and branded videos, LLM has always stood out for it’s commitment to diversity and originality.

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The latest offering seems to be no different. While LLM has been teasing us with news of the event over the past few months, the team has finally released this year’s lineup and we are shocked and excited to see that such big names will be getting together for one hell of a weekend in Lahore.

Some of the names include Haniya Aslam, Adil Omar, Mekaal Hassan Band, Ali Noor, Mughal-e-Funk, Natasha Humera Ejaz, Mehdi Maloof, Faris Shafi, IFRA, Gentle Robot, Madlock, Mahak Qayyum, Hassan Sheikh & Roshaan Sherwani, Towers, Maanu, Karakoram, Fake Shamans, Farheen Raza and Iqbal. According to a press release, the showcase will also feature Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4 winner Auj and finalist Aarish. These names were selected out of 300 applications from across the country by co-founders Natasha Noorani and Zahra Paracha.

Lahore Music Meet
Pictured: Adil Omar

Speaking about the event, festival directors Noorani and Paracha said, “In curating Lahore Music Meet, we try to focus showcasing artists to new audiences such as introducing prog-metal band Takatak’s audience to Fareed Ayaz Qawwaal Group and Red Blood Cat opening for Mai Dhai. The festival has also allowed us to unearth some lovely musical gems like Abdullah Siddiqui, Kashmir and Wisdom Salad amongst many other acts in the past 5 years.”

What’s exciting is that this powerhouse of an event is being led by women: Along with Noorani and Paracha, the show’s team includes art director Sana Nasir and creative director Munizeh Sanai.

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