Jennifer Aniston won an award last night but everyone’s talking about her brief encounter with ex Brad Pitt

Twitter users are acting as if their own parents are reuniting

By Cutacut Editorial Team

Jennifer Aniston took home the award for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards last night, yet everyone couldn’t stop talking about her brief encounter with her ex-husband.

Anistor was pictured politely greeting Brad Pitt backstage and social media could barely handle it, calling it the moment of the night.

Pitt was also captured monitoring Aniston’s speech behind the scenes.

While Twitter users began cooing at the possibility of the former couple reuniting, let’s get one thing clear: she probably deserves better.

Aniston and Pitt were married for five years and called it quits in 2005, soon after which Pitt became involved with Angelina Jolie, whom he recently split from.

Could it just be that Aniston and Pitt shared a kind moment of common courtesy, and not rekindling their relationship?

Here are some reactions by Twitter users who seem to have taken this personally:

The only couple we endorsed from last night’s awards:

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