Honor is offering smartphones on discounted prices

New prices are part of a New Year scheme

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: A sub-brand of Huawei Honor smartphones made it to the markets in 2018. Since then they have been launching and offering smartphones in exciting price ranges.

As part of a New Year, new price scheme, Honor 7C (3Gb+32GB) is now for Rs24,999 from Rs26,999. On the other hand, Honor 8X (4G+128GB) is now discounted at Rs42,999 from Rs45,999.  The new prices are now available on all retail outlets as well as for online shoppers, according to a press release.

Honor smartphones are known for their mid-ranged prices and sleek designs. Seven months ago, the brand launched itself through Honor7C. This was followed by Honor8X, a powerhouse of a stylish phone that became popular for its aesthetics and performance.

Seven months ago, Honor launched the premier smartphone choice for budget shoppers in the form of the Honor7C. A mid-ranged series with a high value level, a lower priced phone which packs a technological punch. Following that, Honor launched the Honor8X; a powerhouse of a phone in the X-series lineup. A sleek and stylish phone that brought performance and aesthetics in one package.


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