6 tips on how to de-stress

This #StressAwarenessDay, it’s time we prioritise and look out for ourselves

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It’s important that we address stress. Since it happens to be stress awareness day today (November 7), we wonder how many times we prioritise and look out for ourselves.

Here are some tips on how to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

1. Get by with a little help from your furry friend. Last year, an article in the Huffington Post said pet ownership impacts our mental health. They quoted a study called The Effects of Animals on Human Health and Well-Being which concluded that the evidence is largely supportive of the view that pets are good for us. If you do not own a pet or are unable to, you can always head over to a shelter and visit rescue animals, who also need the company. Head on over to ACF in Karachi.

2. Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. It relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins. But we realise hitting the gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So maybe you can head over to a park for a light stroll or stay at home and do some stretches on your rug. Or you know what, put on your favourite song and bust a move.

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3. If you’re stressed out at work, have an honest discussion with your supervisor. You can work out a way to better manage your workload. Having a stressed out and over-worked employee is counterproductive, anyway.

4. If you’re stressed out at school, you should reach out to your parents and teachers and figure out a plan so you can manage your workload better. Staying silent will not help anyone. Perhaps, you can get help with your work and learn to focus on your strengths instead of trying to everything at once.

5. Learn to say no. This one is really important. If you’re having a stressful day and don’t want to go out with friends, say no. If you already have a ton of work and your boss asks you to take on more projects, politely refuse. You get our drift. It’ll make you feel better; no one wants to be a yes man.

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6. Take a break from social media. Sometimes you need to disconnect and social media can be overwhelming and distracting. Social media has an array of advantages such as community building, ease of communication and establishing new connections. But on the flip side, it comes with a plethora of negative effects including mental health issues, especially for millennials. So next time you’re stressed, switch off. You really don’t need to see who’s doing what on Insta to get by. At least for a bit.

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