On #InternationalCoffeeDay, we decided to make a list of our fav coffeehouses

How do you like your coffee?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: In Karachi, we have our own coffee culture. It’s different than what we see in movies where protagonists grab a cup of Starbucks while they’re on their way to work. And obviously, they meet someone there. Here, we look for places with a calm environment, preferably with a view. One must be able to get their work done or meet friends while they enjoy either a steamy or iced cup of coffee.

Since it’s International Coffee Day, we decided to list down our favourite coffeehouses:

1. Esquires Coffee

We’ve added this fairly new coffeehouse to the list on popular demand. Offering a range of flavoured coffees, Esquires is situated in Zamzama Commercial.

2. Espresso 

This one is a personal favourite. It doesn’t even matter if the coffee is great, the ambience of the coffeehouse is such that you can end up spending hours there. The staff is very friendly and proactive and they’ll always try to brighten up your day with creative coffee art.

3. Mocca

Again, this is a place that offers a healthy environment with a lot of sunlight beaming in through its glass exterior. And the frappes are to die for!

4. Okra

Although, Okra is a fine-dining restaurant which is known for many things other than coffee. We’ve learnt that their coffee is one of the best in town. All the more reason to go now!


Posted by Azeem Bari on Friday, September 2, 2016

5. Xander’s

What’s not good there, seriously?

Which one’s your favourite?

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