#PAKvsIND feat. Twitter: All the tweets you need to see before today’s match

The biggest Asia Cup 'taakra' between Pakistan and India will take place today evening but Twitter 'taakra' has already begun

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pakistan and India face off today in the much-anticipated Asia Cup 2018 match being played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Who are we even kidding? Every match played between the two neighbours is an anticipated one. People go gaga over every little thing that happens in the stadium – be it an exchange between two cricketers or fans reactions – everything matters in a Pak vs India match. And since the dawn of Twitter, another match is played digitally as well in the form of memes and tweets.

Go through these tweets while we sit around waiting for the match to start:

1. Obviously, the tweets about the waiting

2. This guy who summed up what the match is actually for

3. The elephant’s prediction 

4. Ouch

5. Meera jee also has a message to give to the team 

6. So did Sania Mirza

7. But all in all, this one is funniest and truest of ’em all

May the best team (read: Pakistan) and meme win!

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