Shahid Afridi’s not-so-discreet Naswar hit is breaking the internet

Lala is truly a national treasure

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: If you feel ever like you’re not very adventurous, then damn right you’re not. Can you ever imagine sitting behind the chief of army staff and prime minister and sneaking in some naswar? Shahid Afridi, aka Lala, can.

Afridi’s code of conduct at the Defence Day ceremony just goes on to prove that he’s really as boom boom as they say he is.

Here’s a round up of the best tweets about it:

1. Lala doesn’t care about ‘log kya kahaingay’, log care about ‘Lala kya kahain gay’

2. LOL

3. How to sit through a Defence Day ceremony 101

4. We’ve seen it all

5. Always works to bring Iqbal into everything

6. ‘What’s a doctor?’: Lala

7. His cricketing days were no different

8. Sign us up

What do you guys think about this blatant naswar chewing?

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