Here is how Mahira Khan coped with COVID-19

The star was recently diagnosed with the illness and she talks about how difficult it was to stay away from her son while in isolation

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: A few days ago, Mahira Khan announced on her social media that she had tested positive for COVID-19. Wishes from fans, family and friends alike started to pour in for the actor, hoping for her to recover fast. Sadly, this meant that the superstar had to celebrate her birthday in isolation as well. As Mahira Khan celebrated her 36th birthday on 21st December in isolation, she still felt gratitude for all the love that she had received from people. As she penned down a thank you note for those who love her, Mahira Khan also listed down the things which helped her cope with COVID-19.

One of the worst consequences of contracting the virus even when one is asymptomatic is the loneliness that comes with it. Staying in a room alone for at least 14 days is in no way easy and the fast paced routines that we are used to makes it difficult for many of us to stay in one place. However, Mahira Khan revealed that reading, writing, and listening to music helped her keep herself busy.

“I have listened to old songs, read lots, written and written and written, watched some amazing films, smiled while thinking of life and cried too, lit candles and then re lit some more every night…” she wrote on Instagram. She also spoke about how difficult it was for her to stay away from her son. “I missed my child more than ever before. I missed seeing those I love so much” confessed the actor.


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However, being with yourself often gives people a chance to reflect and be grateful for all that they do have. Mahira Khan, too, seems to have chosen to look at the positives instead of feeling defeated by the virus. “And in my moments of pain and discomfort.. I could only thank the universe for the life I have lived and continue to live. Every little thing – all the tender mercies and blessings. Alhumdulillah” she concluded.

The post gathered even more love for Mahira Khan as numerous people commented with good wishes for the actor and prayers for her health.

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