In conversation with Shaheer Khan: The Master of Tekabu Telepathy

After reading the minds of numerous celebrities, Shaheer Khan shares his secrets with Cutacut as we speak to him about his 15 year long journey

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: How many times have we wished for someone to read our mind? Do you ever want to know what someone else is thinking without them having to say anything out loud? Mind reading has almost always been perceived as a super power, something fictional, an act which we only witness in movies or books. Shaheer Khan, however, has been proving all assumptions about telepathy wrong with his mind reading skills. Confused about what telepathy even is? Let’s hear it from the master himself.

“If you break the word telepathy into two parts, “tele” means distance and “pathy” means feelings. In essence, telepathy is the art of intuiting feelings at a distance,” shared Khan with Cutacut. “Now this could be, from other people in your life, animals or even groups of people together. The technique that I practice myself professionally is known as the Tekabu technique. It allows me to control my own thoughts and read the thoughts of others. So whatever you have seen me do on T.V or in live performances is known as Tekabu Telepathy. This technique is original to me and this is something I teach through my online course as well and we have a massive student class pool from people joining in internationally as well as locally.”

If you have been following Khan on social media, you probably know what he’s referring to. From in-person sessions with people like Maulana Tariq Jameel to video calls with Aashir Wajahat, Khan seems to know what is going on in pretty much everyone’s minds. This is not to say that he can look at you and tell you what you had for breakfast, which is how many of us expect telepathy to work. His recent show, Mind It on 23, is a pretty good example of the kind of discipline that is required for this art. Following a particular format, Mind It has featured guests like Wasim Akram, Fahad Mustafa and Bilal Lashari. As Khan guesses the most random details from a celebrity’s favourite memory to the numbers printed on a band-aid hidden away in a wallet, we wonder how he does it in the first place.

Speaking with Cutacut, Khan revealed that he has not received any formal training and has been self-taught in the skill which he has been practicing for 15 years. “In these 15 years I collected, developed and understood these original techniques that people see me practice today. I found a lot of books on the topic of psychic phenomena and building intuition but none of them truly gave me what I wanted. In order to perform telepathy, I had to crack the code which I wholeheartedly share away with all my students today in the Tekabu course. The whole technique relies on two basic things. Meditation and visualisation. Mastering these two aspects allows anyone to perform Tekabu Telepathy effectively,” said the mind reader. 

Shaheer Khan also shared that he had never thought he could make a living out of being a full-time mind reader but his journey with practicing telepathy has been a fun one. One might expect local audiences to not be as receptive to concepts like Tekabu Telepathy but for Khan, the response has been a positive one. He is admired by his students and fans alike, and continues to amaze his audience.

However, one cannot help but think about the mental health implications that might result from the art of mind reading. Is there a constant expectation or an added pressure to constantly know what the other person is thinking? Is it possible to break away from the cycle of connecting with others and focus simply on oneself? Or could telepathy actually have positive impacts on one’s state of mind?


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My students before starting their telepathic journey often ask me the same question you asked about any negative side effects of telepathy and that what if we get bombarded by people’s negative thoughts all the time? Well it doesn’t work that way. You will only ever receive thoughts when you create a telepathic link with someone and after that you can simply disconnect from their mind by simply not focusing on them which is all taught in detail in the Tekabu course,” revealed Khan.

He continued, “The Tekabu technique allows you to control your thoughts and calm them down simultaneously. Which means if someone has anxiety, overthinking issues, negative thoughts and even depression, the Tekabu technique will vastly improve the situation for them. Because you are taught how to control your thoughts to such precision where if I do not want to worry over something I can simply just close that “worry” window in my mind like a pop up notification. That’s the amount of control Tekabu grants you over your own mind.”

“Lastly being known for reading minds does come with its typical responses of people towards me. My Instagram inbox is filled with girls saying “can you read my mind” and guys saying “I bet you can never read my mind”. I rarely go out in public and meet people but whenever I do I am always asked to guess something about someone. I don’t mind it but at the same time I wish to tell people that there is more to me than meets the eye. Which I will leave perhaps for another interview on another day,” concluded Khan.

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