Alia Bhatt’s new song sounds a little too similar to Vital Sign’s ‘Gore Rang Ka Zamana’

It's 2019. Is Bollywood still copying our songs?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Alia Bhatt just featured in a music video for the The Doorbeen, the duo responsible for the song Lamberghini which became insanely popular last year. And we’re all for fun songs. Except when the chorus sounds a little too similar to something we’ve heard before.

Maybe it’s just us, but the part that Alia is lip-synching sounds a lot like Vital Sign’s Gore Rang Ka Zamana. Actually, if you listen closely, the chorus of Prada almost sounds like a mix of Laung Gawacha and Gore Rang Ka Zamana. But we’re hardly surprised because Lamberghini’s chorus also sounded very similar to Chitta Kukkar, which is also a Pakistani song sung mostly at weddings. Chitta Kukkad was sung by Musarrat Nazir and was released in the eighties.

Maybe it’s just us but listen to both songs and weigh in with your opinion. Does the song seem inspired by Gore Rang Ka Zamana or are we imagining it? Regardless, Alia Bhatt looks smashin.

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