Friday might be announced as our weekly off instead of Sunday and we’re confused

Will it be Fri-Yay or Fri-Nay?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The government of Pakistan may soon announce Friday as a holiday instead of Sunday, The News reported. While there has been no official notification from the government, local news outlets have revealed that the government may take the decision to further build business relations with Arab countries, mainly the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

While we wait for the decision to be confirmed, we are (at the same time) looking ahead to what it might look like if Friday becomes the new Sunday.

1. Am I back in the 90s?

Some of us ancient ones (we mean 80s/early 90s babies) experience this in our childhood. Fridays were declared weekly offs and reversed soon later because it was not quite working for our economy. Nevertheless, this report has made us instantly nostalgic.

2. Long halwa puri queues

Let’s be real. Sundays are no fun without halwa puri for breakfast. The queues for piping hot puris are already long and orders even grander. We’re wondering if the cut off time for halwa puri will be shorter with Friday being the holy day in Pakistan. Yes, these are important questions to consider.

3. Do I have work/ No I don’t have work

This will take time to adjust to. Will it be a random off day in the middle of the week. It will feel like it at the very start.

4. Where did the day go?

This will be our constant state of being. Fridays are already short (with the prayer timings and businesses opening late), is it a conspiracy to not less us feel relaxed and weekend mode? Hmm.

5. Sunday will be the new Monday

This goes without saying. Up until now all of our common enemy was none other than Monday. Sunday blues will be the new in thing.

6. Biryani will be the only constant

Some families in Pakistan have a tradition of having biryani on Fridays. Some others opt for Daal Chawal. Phew! Atleast, that’s not changing.

7. #Friyay

Well the good thing is we will finally be able to relate with the world and #Friyay. Atleast in the mornings when the Fridays will be the new Sundays. This is already confusing. Can we please keep Sundays off?


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