Twitter wants Karan Johar to speak up on the Hardik Pandya controversy

Some even want the show to be axed off

By Shaheera Anwar

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya’s comments on Koffee with Karan, have angered many. Even after the sportsman’s apology and BCCI imposing a temporary ban on the cricketer, Twitterati is not convinced. They are demanding some action against KL Rahul as well who laughed on Pandya’s comments and the host Karan Johar as well, for being equally responsible. They’re disappointed with the film-maker for changing the format of the show, which usually has Bollywood stars as guests, and inviting sportsmen. Hotstar, a streaming platform that airs the show online, has removed the show from their website. However, some now want the entire show to be axed off as Johar’s silence on the matter is not being well-received by many.

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