The best tweets to come out of #ElectionPakistan2018

Twitter was the real MVP

KARACHI: The events of yesterday seem nothing short of surreal. What started off as a great day with so much positive energy in the air and photos of inked thumbs on timelines turned chaotic when the election results were delayed. But the only thing that kept us going was Twitter with its 24/7 running commentary. After all, Twitteratis are gifts that keep on giving.

1. Heartening photos of voters 

Earlier in the day, our Twitter timelines were filled with some absolutely heartwarming pictures of people (young and old, civilian and non-civilian, celebrity and aam admi) making their way to polling stations to vote. And then of their inked thumbs and hopes for a better future.

2. The utter chaos that is election results

Official results haven’t been announced and everyone’s legit losing their shit.

3. And obviously the reactions to reactions of politicians 

LOL @ Farooq Sattar. Cutie.

4. The whole Sher ka Shikari narrative

PTI vs PML-N has been driving this election fever

5. And when we just went a little too extra 

6. Let’s not forget the journalists who found themselves stuck with the never-ending election coverage

And are still working.

All in all, it was quite an eventful day. And safe to say we’re looking at an eventful five years.

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