How to be dramatic at work – desi edition

Sometimes, you need that dramatic flair to get through your 9-5

KARACHI: Being an un-dramatic desi is an oxymoron. Growing up with Bollywood and the TV dramas we did, it’s impossible not to have a bit of a dramatic flair.
Sometimes, you need that flair to get through your 9-5. However, if you are super easy going and chilled out, here’s how to be seriously dramatic for the complete desi experience.

1. When your boss rejects your raise request:
Quote a desi mom, hands and chin raised up:
“Mene kya gunna kiya ho ga to deserve this?”

2. If you’re the boss who’s been requested for a raise:
“Haan haan bilkul, paise toh per pe ugte hain”

3. When you colleague is having lunch without you:
“Akele, akele?”

4. When the interns accidently drops a stapler:
“Haan haan tor doh. Toooorrrrr doh, aur kya?”

5. When you get a negative appraisal:
“Axcuse me?”

6. When you a positive appraisal: 
“Na kar”

6. When you’re looking for a missing file and ask where it is:
“Mere sarr pe rakha hua hai!”

7. When someone is late to work:
“Intiiiii jaldi? Aur derr kar dete?”

8. When your boss asks you stay late:
“Marr jaoon toh behtar ho ga”

9. When HR asks you to fill in your family details”
“Tum jaante nahi ho mera baap kaun hai?”

10. When the IT department ignores all your summons:
“Ye kaun hai jisne peeche murk e mujhey nahi dekha? Who is he?”

11. When you have to work on a Sunday:

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