TV shows that should have been cancelled YESTERDAY

Because we are done with them

By Mehak Zehra

KARACHI: We felt heartbroken when we first heard that Fox’s show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine had gotten cancelled after five seasons. Thankfully, NBC came to the rescue and announced the they were bringing the show back, but that doesn’t mean that our anger has died down because there are so many TV shows that should be cancelled instead, but don’t and just keep going on. I mean, there is no story anymore. These shows have killed so many characters that we loved and we foolishly kept hoping that everything would turn out okay. But it didn’t. So here’s our list of shows that need to go, now.


1. Supernatural

Guys, you gotta understand, the story ended at the end of the third season. The series creator, Eric Kipke perhaps also got sick of the show and quit halfway.  The show should end before the Winchester boys lose their charm.


2. Greys Anatomy

(SPOILER ALERT) You killed off Lexi and Mark. Even though they were meant to be couple, we let it go. Then you took Arizona’s leg away. Meredith’s love interest left. AND IT JUST KEEPS GOING ON. Do you have any idea how painful it is?


3. Good Morning Pakistan

Yes, we’re talking about Nida Yasir’s morning show. The show kills my motivation to even begin the day, for starters. The show is conveying the message that women all over Pakistan are just obsessed with getting married and have no other issues to worry about. This just shows that the producers of Good Morning Pakistan are simply not respecting the intelligence of the audience. Please cancel the show already.


4. Criminal Minds

The show is getting renewed for its thirteenth season. These stories have become so predictable that we all know how each story will progress.  There shouldn’t be such TV shows like these anymore.


5. Jago Pakistan Jago

When Sanam Jung’s morning show went on air, it looked so different. We were really hoping that no shaadi themed content would take over. But now, they’re doing Maasi No.1 competitions and what not. We are so over this one.

Is there any show you think should be cancelled?

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