Texts that perfectly capture your relationship with your mum

We asked for some fitting submissions. The results are hilarious

KARACHI: This Mother’s Day we decided to ask people about conversations they’ve had with mum that defines their relationship. Below are some hilarious and heartwarming examples:

1. When you have a mutual protection type relationship 

You don’t let anyone wage a war against you. Your mom’s the comrade protecting you at all times.

2. When your mom is an actual savage 

Just rain on my parade, why don’t you mom?

3. When your mom’s cooler than you. 

Don’t underestimate her. She also knows how to speak millenial.

4. Your chat history has more forwarded messages than regular ones

And let’s be honest, most times we choose not to reply to forwarded texts. But mommies don’t give up on us. <3

5. When your mom is your biggest supporter

It’s true that she loves you more than anyone else and you’re lucky if she expresses that kind of love.

6. When your mom just wants to be updated on your whereabouts. 

This one’s no surprise. We’ve all been there.

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