Don’t have any plans for the weekend? Go dine at these eateries

Because what else is there to do in Karachi anyway?

KARACHI: Just when you think you’ve covered all the new food places in Karachi, 15 others open up. So if you have no other plans this weekend, we suggest you take a look at our list of the newest eateries that have popped up in the city and get ready to fall into a food coma.

1. Chatterbox Deli 

Located at Khayaban-e-Badar, DHA, this eatery provides a whole range of stuff to pick from. Also, just how delicious do these Turkish Eggs look? Not to mention, they have a Mothers Day care package and you might want to pick that up for your fav lady while you’re there.

2. Marcel’s

Everyone’s been talking about Marcel’s, which has opened up in boat basin. We’re guessing it may have something to do with their outrageously expensive cake, going at Rs25,000. So if you happen to have money to throw, check the place out.

3. Swensen’s

If this image doesn’t make you want to go to Saba Avenue right now, we don’t know what will.

4. Saniya’s Kitchen

Who else loves Singaporean Rice? Located at Seher Commercial, DHA, Saniya’s Kitchen offers a great range of comfort food and serves it in the most homely of ways.

5. D’Alma

If you’re in the mood to really dress up and for a lavish night out, we’ve got you covered. D’Alma is a new upscale place that has opened up at Khayaban-e-Nishat and they have lobster on their menu.

Like our recommendations? Then what are you doing still reading this? Go make your reservations.

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