Patari releases feel-good trailer of ‘Dharti’

But does it bring anything new to the table?

KARACHI: Patari released on Thursday the trailer of their new original, musical composition Dharti. In collaboration with  Zeera Plus, this original track gives the listener a taste of Sufi folk music. But does Dharti bring anything new to the table?

The trailer follows Patari’s signature style: a feel good video that features a cross section of Pakistanis from remote parts of the country. As Patari also claims, it takes you on a melodious whirlwind of Sufi folk tunes. However, the effect lasts only until the end of the trailer. Patari’s new offering isn’t as innovative as we had expected. It sounds a lot like something we’ve already heard before.

This soundbite automatically forces us to compare some other amazing musical compositions of similar folk music. Speaking of Sufi tunes, ‘Allah Hee Dayga‘ by Sounds of Kolachi was a better composition. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

In the past, the local music industry has consistently been giving the audience a mix of creative vocals and unique visuals. Patari also premiered Chand Tara Orchestra’s music video for Khaak Nasheen, that was filmed across Karachi’s many locations giving the viewer a satisfying take-home-something with them.


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