Struggles Pakistanis go through while travelling

We bet you can relate!

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Summer’s here. It’s probably the best time to travel. But all travelers go through their struggles while they’re on their trip. Mind you, those struggles begin right from home.

1. While you’re still at the airport, you’ll be interrogated about the amount of cash you’re carrying, where you’re going, why you’re going

These questions make you feel like staying at home would’ve been a better idea.

2. You’ve boarded. The cabin crew will constantly keep bugging you to put your handbag under your seat

So annoying, isn’t it? As if you’re carrying a bomb with you.

3. You’ve landed. Turns out, there’s a separate queue for Pakistanis and Indians

Great. What a welcome.

4. The immigration officer can’t pronounce your name properly

Not only that, every minute you stand there, your heart is racing because you’re scared of being taken on a side and “interrogated”.

5. Your cab driver greets you with Namaste

The trip has just started and you’re already sick of correcting them.

6. You’re so stressed out from all this traveling that you need a smoke badly

Sigh. But it’s not that easy, with all those “no smoking” signboards and designated smoking areas.

7. God Forbid, if you’re in Italy, you have to be aware of pickpockets

Sigh of relief. Pakistan’s not the only unsafe country.

8. You’re ordering food and the guy at the counter asks you if you’re “allowed” to eat haraam

Little does he know that has never stopped you in the past.

9. You’re supposed to walk on foot for long hours on end

Obviously, you’re not used to it. You’re a Pakistani.

10. You’re at a club trying to be one of them. But just when a desi song comes on, you can’t control yourself

*You cry internally!* Oh how you miss home.

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