Kan-ye chill?

Kanye West's latest tweets are nothing short of a desi family squabble

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Rapper, music producer, and Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West returned to Twitter after almost a full year of being away from the social media platform. And he hasn’t stopped. From tweets philosophical stuff to endorsing the notorious ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan used by US President Donald Trump, West has given the term ‘twitter rant’ a whole other meaning. As we sit here, sifting through his feed, we can’t help but get ghar ki laraai feels.

1. When your parents refuse to let you go out with your friends but you have other plans

2. When you sneak out despite being told not to but then get caught

3. When you’re grounded and can’t wait to make enough money and move out

4. When you finally get permission to go

5. When you text ammi about staying out beyond your curfew

6. When abbu takes a subtle dig at your ripped jeans

7. When ammi takes offense to your thoughts over the teenday she cooked

8. When you and your siblings are asked to clear the table after dinner

9. When your sister gets pissed about you borrowing her clothes

10. When abbu asks why you’ve been skipping work

11. When your leftovers go missing from the fridge

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