We ask, you tell: What are your #TattooGoals?

We spoke to a bunch of people to find out what they would get inked on their skin permanently

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment. After all, it’s permanent. We asked a bunch of people about what they would like to get imprinted on their skin and where they’d want it if they had a chance.

Here are some of the most interesting responses:

1. “My 3-year-old son’s hand print on my arm” – Sobia Qidwai, 33

2. “A readable barcode on my arm or wrist, just to show how much of a commodity we’ve become” – Fawad Ali Khan, 33

3. “Lucifer descending from the sky on my back so his wings are on my back; as a symbol of rebellion” – Saad Memon, 28

4. “My name in another language, other than Urdu and English, on my wrist” – Sadia Bashir, 31

5. “I’d get a car logo, Lamborghini to be specific. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of getting a tattoo because I just love cars and Lamborghini is my favourite” – Imran Azeem, 26

6. “I want a Rumi quote written on my arm in some kind of calligraphy” – Wajiha Ashraf, 24

7. “The album cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon with a silver of light through a triangular prism on my back; and anyone who loves music would know how big of an inspiration Pink Floyd is” – Aibad Ahsan, 26

8. “A clock on my arm that keeps reminding me that time’s quickly wrapping up” – Jawad Nagda, 33

9. “Harry Potter’s scar on my wrist” – Zoha Tunio, 22

10. “First fist ace from one piece anime on my arm because it signifies courage, exploration and fearlessness” – Majid Khan, 25

11. “Something to do with meditation and inner peace. Coloured as well as abstract, either on my arm or calf” – Sana Yasir, 36

12. “My name in Arabic on my nape or my hand” – Alweena Tiwana, 26

13. “The symbol of strength in Japanese and I’d love to have it on my neck” – Mariam Iqbal Desai, 23

14. “A dragon sign. I’ve always found it empowering, and I associate it with some secret society” – Zohaib Hassan, 28

15. “The heartbeat sign on my wrist. It’s because it’s a sign of life and it would give me hope on my low moments” – Fabha Butt,  26

16. “Either on my back and chest because it would be so personal to me so I’d have it hidden, something along the lines of nature such as Yin or Yang; but something small and relatable to me” — Frayan Doctor, 29


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