Need that final push? Follow these fitness accounts on Instagram

These Pakistanis health enthusiasts provide all the motivation you need to get fit

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Although puppies in pajamas and #foodgram is a must have for Instagram, it’s time to add to your following list. These profiles of young Pakistanis are all the motivation you to need to get in shape.

1) Aniqah Sheikh: 

Looking to test and improve body strength? Aniqah has a range of tips to offer. From ways to burn inner thigh fat to moves for your shoulders, she has the perfect recipe for a toned body. She also posts  on clean eating and is happy to share tips and tricks to a healthy lifestyle.

2) Mehreen Hussain:

A fitness director at MX360 Fitness Programs, Mehreen is also a former fitness manager of the renowned Shapes. She also specialises in physical therapy and consultancy. Getting a gym membership right now!

3) Yahya G:

An entrepreneur and an urban adventurer, Yahya is also an Instagram blogger who has done the 30-day Ketogenic diet. The keto diet forces the body to in fact burn fats than carbohydrates. It is a high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carb diet plan. Follow Yahya to get your through the diet.

4) Fitness Studio X:

Based in Karachi, this gym and studio focuses on nutrition programmes, detox, boot camp, and personal training and hygiene. If you are looking to bring some shape to your body and detox your blood vessels, this might just be the right place for you.

5) Pilates by Maliha:

Maliha Naeem is a med-student who also runs a Pilates facility. In case you’re looking to flatten your abdomen and develop a strong back, enrolling yourself in her classes might do the trick. And if you can’t do that, follow her on Insta for some neat tips. PS: You must undergo a minimum of 30 intense sessions to see results.

6) Mahek Taherani:

Also known as the MyProtein athlete from Pakistan, Mehak’s exercise combinations and enthusiasm is enough to convince anyone to begin. Front squat, core work-out, body weight or push press, you name it. #BodyGoals

7) Hamna Moin:

Digital marketer by day, she is also a certified yoga teacher and specialises in aerial yoga. Follow her Instagram for the some serious inspiration.



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