Presenting the best #PSL2018 tweets

When cricket comes home, Pakistanis welcome it with some great humour

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Our country is full of funny people. No wonder a UN report ranked Pakistan the happiest among neighbouring countries. We tend to find humour in almost everything, and Pakistan Super League 2018 was no exception.

Listed below are our picks for the funniest tweets from the biggest event of the year:

1) Newsworthy and hilarious

2) What’s a meme/joke/tweet without a food reference?

3) Savage

4) Wahab Riaz’s moustache carressing. ‘Nuff said.

ICYMI (Sorry not sorry):

5) Karachi Kings’ loss right before the final in Karachi was sad but this tweet almost made up for it

6) Karachi vs Lahore / Biryani v Nihari

7) When Lahore Qalandar fans did not forgive or forget

8) The irony

9) Savage x 2

10) Looool. This really is the best

Hope you laughed just as hard. Hell hath no fury like an excited Pakistani! Let’s hope the best team wins this Sunday.

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