10 kinds of dancers you’ll encounter at a desi wedding

Which one are you?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Dance is such an integral part of any desi weddings, where everyone can let loose and celebrate in style.

Here are a few dancers we’ve all encountered on the dance floor at some point at weddings:

1. The know-it-all

The mastermind, choreographer, star of the show, who never misses a beat.

2. The one step wonder

They only know once step which they are proud to show off.

3. The non-dancer

We all know that one person who can’t dance to save their life (but insist of doing it anyway).

4. The uncle who has had too much to drink

“Oye! Kithay gayi sharaab di gaddi?” Run!! He’s tipsy!

5. The overenthusiastic dulhan

We’ve all at least seen one such bride in our lives. It’s her night after all, why should she just be a spectator?

6. The judger

There’s always that one person who awkwardly sits in a corner, secretly wishing they’d stayed in.

7. The one gora friend at the wedding

There’s always one or a few foreign friends of either the bride or groom and they happily join in.

8. The one who’s there for the food

Free drinks and free food > dance. What’s not to be happy about that?

9. The tortured

This is a dancer who insists on dancing in heels, come hell or high water.

10. The sucker for an all-nighter

The one who doesn’t want to go home even at 5am and isn’t tired at all.

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