Shugufta’s Diary: Flu Blues

A memoir of love and longing

By A.M.S

The Diary of Queen S, age 16

Entry 17: Flu Blues


I have the flu. Boo hoo. Sniffle Sniffle. No energy, body aching. Doubly sad because of what happened with Waseem last week.

But whatevs. Queen S can overcome anything. Here’s a list of ways in which I handle the flu:

1. Binge-watch comfort shows

I uncover the most random stuff when I have the flu. Big discovery this week is this cool show on YouTube, Adulting, about two girls just out of college, trying to make it in Mumbai. Uff, SO cute. And Mumbai feels a bit like Karachi, so it’s nice to have something to relate to in that way. Here’s episode one. You’re welcome.


Other things I watch when ill:

– Disney stuff, esp Moana and Little Mermaid.

– Rom-coms. Haan, rom-coms, so what? If you’re judging, too bad, your problem. It’s weird no one judges boys for liking sports but if we like fashion or rom-coms, that shit is silly. Why? Who decides?

– Sometimes reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Guilty pleasure.

2. Food and Drink

Obviously. Maggi. The more Maggi, the better. Also, chai and chocolate toast. Yum. My Mama believes only in herbal stuff so she gives me Joshanda and yakhni and also homeopathic pills.

And then there’s the elixir of life. Here’s the recipe: half orange juice and half boiling hot water, half a lemon, one tablespoon honey, some chilli powder. Drink that and I guarantee you will feel better. It’s an energy hit plus very soothing.

I’m not into this steaming sheaming business because it’s too much effort when you have the flu, but I know it’s good. When I’m a bit better, I start doing that stuff. I’ve also tried neti pot, which is good for you, sick or not. It’s where you have a little pot and you put the spout in one nostril and the salt water comes out from the other. Clears the sinuses.

3. Poetry from the Fuzzy Side

So when I’m ill and my brain all fuzzy, my art becomes interesting. I draw sketches of potted plants and write random poetry and I also do free style writing and cartooning. It’s like that conscious side of my brain is a bit quieter than usual, that part that censors, or says I’m not good enough (cause basically, you more or less give up on life na, when you have the flu). So what happens is another part of the brain has more room to speak. And it’s really good to exploit that while you can. So I do a lot of sketching and writing when I’m sick.

4. Cuddle with Nimko and Mama

Nimko always knows when I’m sick and becomes extra attentive. Did you know a cat’s purr has healing power? It can reach very low vibrations that speak to parts of the body. And cats know this, they are natural healers. So when I’m sick, Nimko comes to me, sits next to me, and just purrs. It’s super sweet and always makes me feel better. She also puts her paw sometimes on whatever part is hurting, like my throat or my chest or whatever. It’s amazing.

Mama also comes to me when I’m sick and she rubs Vicks on my back or just rubs my back and head. I can act like a baby again, and she treats me like one too. This is the best part about falling sick, I love it. She also brings soup to me and I stay in my pyjamas all day and skip school. Then I yell to Farhad to bring me a book and if he says no, I say, ‘Mama,’ and she’s like, ‘Farhad. She’s your little sister. Take care of her.’ Then he gets up and has to get my book. Then I wait for him to go back to his room and get busy with something else and then I say, ‘Farhad, paani’. Lol. Sometimes I do it three times in a row. Not more than that ‘cause I don’t want to push my luck ;P



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