This is your ultimate weekend ‘raita’ playlist

Borrowing some much-needed music inspo from Ranveer Singh

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: IT’S THE WEEKEND! But wait you know that already. Also, if you’re a fan of Ranveer Singh’s, you probably already know what a ‘raita’ playlist is.

Basically the said playlist is full of cheap songs that are otherwise mehndi dance material but you also like to listen to them. Alone. In your car. Using headphones. When no one’s watching or listening.

They’re usually produced by artists like Baadshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Ladies and gents, here’s bringing you the ultimate guilty-pleasure playlist:

1. DJ Waley Babu

2. Chaar Botal Vodka

3. Billo Hai 

4. Bom Diggy

5. Na Ja

6. Patola

7. Ban ja rani 

Feelin’ the beat yet?

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